917 Jacobs Ranch: Brighton 

939 Jacobs Ranch: Alta

938 Jacobs Ranch: Brighton

919 Jacobs Ranch: Alta

913 Jacobs Ranch: Oquirrh

104 Harbor Bay: Lexington

6116 Fox Hollow: Uintah XL

6103 Fox Hollow: Auburn (m)

703 Fox Hollow: Oquirrh

503 Fox Hollow: Oquirrh

33 Stillwater: Oquirrh

22 Stillwater: Teton

21 Stillwater: Sierra

127 Henrys Place: Lexington

125 Henrys Place: Alta


102 Henrys Place: Auburn

105 Henrys Place: Auburn

4 Stillwater: Alta

29 Lakeridge @ Rosecrest: Oquirrh XL

13 Stillwater: Lexington

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912 Jacobs Ranch: Lexington XL

R-97 Rosecrest: Oquirrh

703 Fox Hollow: Oquirrh

128 Henrys Place: Alta

126 Henrys Place: Teton

7 Parkside CT: Auburn Custom

503 Fox Hollow: Oquirrh

309 Fox Hollow: Sierra (2)

319 Fox Hollow: Auburn

221 Harbor Bay: Lexington


320 Fox Hollow: Teton (c)


511 Harbor Bay: Adam


314 Fox Hollow: Oquirrh


329 Fox Hollow: Alta


101 Draper Highlands: Auburn Custom

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Q-26 Rosecrest: Alta

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Q-165 Rosecrest: Auburn

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141 Aspen Hills: Uintah


3 Adam’s Cove: Alpine

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 510 Harbor Bay: Teton

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134 Pacific Bay: Uintah XL

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Q-141 Rosecrest: Uintah XL


18 Parkside Court: Alta


1 Parkside Court: Oquirrh


1307 Saratoga PUD: Oquirrh Custom


139 Stillwater: Uintah XL


230 Summerhill: Teton XL


332 Stillwater: Sierra


Q-164 Rosecrest: Oquirrh (c)

**Photos are of completed homes built by Desert West Homes. Images shown may be different from plan to plan and may include additional upgrades that are not standard. Please verify  all standard features.**